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A celebration in a mug! Make a special day even more memorable with this bright, beautiful gift. Radiant orange roses and rich red carnations burst with happiness from a festive mug they’ll love sipping from for years to come!

  • Light orange roses, red carnations, green button spray chrysanthemums and yellow cushion spray chrysanthemums are arranged with fresh lemon leaf.
  • Delivered in Teleflora’s Cheers To You mug.



Give best wishes to your loved ones with us, send flower arrangements online from a local florist in Bethpage. Get your flower orders same day, next day or tomorrow, daily flower arrangements delivery is available at Balloons N’ More The Total Event. We all know flowers are alive and cheerful creations of nature, with many of colors, shapes, and sizes, they have always been loved and adored and had a private place in our lives. We grow them in our gardens, we have them in our houses, we use them as a source of inspiration. But most significantly we share and give them.

We all know the power of giving to others and how important giving is to both our lives and the lives of others. The happiness you offer and the happiness you get from it, and even the bonds you create with others. And when it comes to giving flowers, that power becomes even greater.

Then why flower-sending is so significant?

The Strength of a Smile

One reason that no one can deny, is the fact that flowers, whatever the type, are so beautiful that anyone would be incapable of not smiling in the sight of them. Their presence can instantly activate happy emotions and have an immediate effect on our mood. In fact, studies show that after receiving flowers people feel less anxiety and depression, feelings that transform into happiness within seconds. The same effect comes even to the flower giver as well.

Where there is happiness, there are positive vibes too. And those are both things that flowers can highlight. So what a better way to cheer up your loved ones and make their day than a few flowers? Whatever the number or size, the gesture will definitely put a smile on their faces and swift their mood in no time.

Transferring Emotion

Another exciting thing about flowers is that they can express feelings and emotions in the most elegant way. They might typically be considered as a symbol of love and care, but they can also convey many other emotions too: from joy, happiness, appreciation, and affection to sympathy, gratitude, or apology.

Flowers can help us communicate our feelings to the ones we care about perfectly, in a way that no other object can. Either it is a simple “I love you” or a “Get well soon” you wish to say, when words fail, flowers get the lead. They have an enchanting ability to speak louder to people’s hearts, make them feel that they are important, and bond even more with each other.

The Best Meaning Points In The Simplest Things

Flowers may be a traditional and easy to get choice for a gift but do not permit their small size and modest appearance fool you. They can be the most personal, thoughtful, and meaningful gift you could ever get to someone.

Just because you may not put a lot of effort into it, probably in terms of money or research, or your gift lacks size, doesn’t mean it’s lacks in value as well. Most of the times it is the simplest things and gestures that mean the most.

Flowers have always been the best gift for the people that matter most in our lives, our heroes. You don’t need a special occasion, time, or place, to gift your loved ones. You can do it any time, any day. Simply the reason these people matter you is more than enough for them to deserve a gesture of love and gratitude from you, a “Thank you”. And the more spontaneous and unexpecting it is, the brighter the smile it will bring.

At Balloons and More The Total Event, we want to bring joy and happiness to the heroes around us, the people that change lives through acts of love and kindness. We offer same day, next day & tomorrow delivery to the towns(New York/Long Island, Suffolk County, Queens, Brooklyn, Massapequa, Bethpage etc.) that we actively service.

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