Rainbow Of Remembrance Spray

The glorious pink, yellow and purple blooms of this bright, uplifting spray bring a reverent sense of joy and gratitude to the memorial service.

This inspiring spray includes pink stargazer lilies, yellow gerberas, yellow alstroemeria, pink gladioli, purple carnations and purple larkspur accented with oregonia and lemon leaf.

  • Size: 55″ H & 24″ W



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Sympathy flowers are a wonderful path to show support to family, relatives and friends that is sorrowful the loss of a valued one. As it is known worldwide, symbols such as flowers represent love, facilitate expression, provide meaning, and communicate emotions that words are insufficient to express. Funeral flowers are sign of special feelings and while the general message of a sympathy flower will be understood in any context. There are different types of sympathy and funeral flowers and we listed them for you below.

Sympathy Bouquets

Simply put, a sympathy bouquet arrives at the home of bereaved family members. The design of condolence flowers is ultimately meant to bring comfort to the home of the bereaved after the service. Conversely, funeral flowers show respect beside the casket and typically go to—and are often left at—the graveside. Because funeral flowers are intended to be displayed during the service as a tribute to the deceased, they should be delivered straight to the location of the viewing or service.

Funeral Service Bouquets

There is no strict set of rules when it comes to choosing a floral arrangement for a funeral or memorial service. However, some flowers are traditionally more popular than others for saying goodbye. You can choose the most common types of funeral flowers and the symbolic meaning behind each type of flower. When choosing what kind of floral display you would like it can be helpful to think about the relationship you have had with the deceased, and pick something that best reflects that relationship.

Casket Sprays

When it is concerned to plan a funeral for a valued one, families, relatives or friends often include flower bouquets or arrangements as a proof of loyalty, love, sympathy, and respect. Flowers form a background of sincerity, warmth and beauty, that adds to the honor and solace of the funeral occasion. A casket spray is a popular funeral arrangement that goes on top of the casket as a way to adorn the coffin. Casket sprays can combine as many various of flowers and motifs as we wish. The popular funeral flower arrangements contain roses, orchids, hydrangeas, trailing greens but you also could choose any other flower types.

Standing Sprays & Wreaths

A standing spray is a horizontal, relatively flat arrangement of flowers that are designed to be displayed and viewed on an easel. Standing sprays are quite large, typically ranging from 1 to 3 feet in diameter, and are often arranged in the shape of a diamond, heart or cross. “Spray” is an appropriate name for this arrangement, as most include tendrils of flowers and leaves that seem to burst and cascade out from the center. Standing sprays often contain a mix of flowers and greens, with longer leafy stems flowing out to create its distinctive shape. Lilies and roses of various colors are commonly used in standing sprays. Because of their flat shape, standing sprays can include a brief message or term of endearment in their center. For instance, you will often see a scripted banner reading “Father,” “Mother,” or “With Sympathy” placed in the center of the arrangement. A standing spray can also be used to frame a photograph of the deceased or another image representing them or their interests, such as a heart, cross or a symbol of their profession. If a coworker, close relative of a friend, or a distant relative of your family passes away, a standing spray is typically the kind of floral arrangement you should send to the funeral home. Standing sprays are extremely versatile and can be done in a number of different shapes, sizes, colors and patterns, depending on the age, gender, and personality of the deceased.

A wreath is an assortment of flowers constructed to form the shape of a circle or ring. They can be hollow or full circles and are shaped as circles to represent eternal life. They can be made with many different flowers and come in many styles to choose from. While some can be quite colorful and flamboyant, generally the tones are neutral with white being the most popular color. Wreaths are most commonly delivered to chapels, churches & funeral homes but can also be delivered to memorial services and wake services. We send wreaths to funerals to show our support to the family that is grieving. When words can be difficult to say, we often use flowers to express our condolences. It is acceptable in most faiths to send a wreath to the funeral service.

Photo & Urn Tributes

The floral tributes are designed as a tribute to honor and celebrate the life of a person. Some floral tributes are designed as memorial urn arrangements and are intended to enhance the presentation of the memorial urn. Others feature the portrait of the person being honored and celebrated at a memorial service or celebration of life service.

The of these featured floral tributes can be customized and personalized to be the perfect representation of your loved one. If you see a style of a floral tribute that you like but you think different flowers or colors would better represent your loved one, it can also be designed.

Floral Baskets

Flower baskets are commonly used as attractive accents in the home. They also make popular gifts during the holidays and on other special occasions. Flower baskets can also be given during times of grief, such as funerals, or as well-wishing sentiments for those who are sick. They are widely available from many retailers, including florists and garden centers. They can also be easily constructed to suit a particular need.

Sympathy Plants

When looking for a gift to offer to someone who has lost a loved one, plants are often the most popular – and more obvious – choice. After all, plants are traditional, beautiful, and an easy way to convey sympathy in these moments. Plants have a long history of being gifted for important moments of a person’s life. They are commonly given after the loss of a loved one. While you may want to gift a sympathy plant, it doesn’t mean you know where to find one, what to look for, or even what you shouldn’t do in the situation. We have a product category for you to find easily a plant or flower as a sympathy gift to someone after a loved one’s death.

Fruit & Food Baskets

Many families hold visitations or receptions either before or after a funeral so that friends and other mourners can stop by to pay their respects. Consider including comfort foods in your condolence baskets that are easy to share with a crowd. You might include several types of cookies, for example, which could be offered with coffee. Other options include nuts and dried fruit, cookie platters, brownies, or other easy-to-serve desserts. Any gifts for family of the deceased should include a note or sympathy card offering support.

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